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Interior Project, Bangkok



The New  Ocean Line of  The Chef's Creation

Vecho is our combination of selected words ; ‘Vector’ and ‘Echo’. The word ‘Vector’ refers to a vector line or imaginary line that shows the direction of motion while ‘Echo’ is a signal reflecting back from the radar.  Both of these words are used in our name to reflect the restaurant's inspiration, taken from ocean liners, where our food tells us about each route. 

Our first chapter is inspired by the journey on the French Riviera or in the south of France. The dishes are influenced by the French-based menu in addition to the chef's creations. While in the next chapter we will have to wait and let Vecho surprise us.

For the restaurant’s interior design, PAD would like to astonish and embrace the guests with the night sailing inspired, under the moonlight experience, the atmosphere that makes them feel like they are having dinner in the food cabin.

Adding to the experience mentioned above, when the guests reach the 2nd floor, they will be greeted by the Vecho ship model before passing through the curtain to enter the dining bar where they can see the silhouette of the chef cooking seriously through the texture glass. There will also be a receptionist waiting to welcome them at the host stand on the left side.

On the opposite side of the dining bar, locates the check-in zone. This is the area where we took inspiration from the captain command center, also known as the bridge of ship. This is the photogenic waiting area for the guests, intentionally designed to serve the instagraming purpose. 

As for the decoration of the main dining hall, we used the ship’s window profile as the core idea and implemented design at both ends of the feature wall. This is where the materials are used to emphasize the warmth and elegance of the wood and copper trim.

We used walnut laminate texture instead of the real wood (Due to the cost constraint) where it goes in contrast with the floor hardener and façade treatment of the kitchen, giving the strong sense of rustic and industrial touch. 

The technique of infinite reflection is used on both ends of the feature wall. This includes using the ship window profile mirror to create the state of art atmosphere in the main dining hall area. 

Moreover, we also have capsule-shaped hanging lights at Echo to help enhance the concept to reflect the strong design language.  

We chose blue as our accent colour. People can see it on the mural wall and furniture. Its purpose is to represent the ocean line story.

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