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PAD was established since 2015 for interior and landscape design practice based in Bangkok.  We consider ourselves the space artisan. Our passion is bringing any kind of space to life with our expertise and craftsmanship. Our studio brings together a team of highly motivated, young and talented designers looking to make an impression in the local and regional markets.




After graduated and working in Thailand for a little while, Aticha had an opportunity to work in Singapore where she spent 8 years pursuing her interior design career. According to her expertise in hotel and resort design, she was usually assigned to overseas hospitality projects which allowed her to travel and work at interesting cities around the world to oversee the whole process from concept design to final production.


Aticha always starts her project crafting her design thinking. She believes in order to create a true experience that can reflect the identity of a space, one strong concept needs to hold every element of the design together from the overall look to the smallest detail.



Watcharapong began his first 5 years in Thailand working in landscape and architecture at Bensley Studio before moving to Singapore to explore his career as landscape architect and master planner. With 8 years of experience from all sorts of luxury project internationally from city hotels, beach resorts to mountain hideaways, he is considered one of the expert in hospitality field. 


For him, every project is important whether big or small. He always delivers the best work to client from beginning to finishing. For him, the designer’s job takes dedication on every detail from concept, presentation drawing to site visiting. He believes the real luxury is in all the efforts of the pursuit not just the design.



After beginning her first 2 career years in a small design studio where she groomed her design skill on every process, Saranya spent the next 8 years at renowned design firms in Thailand where she experienced 20,000 sqm. of design projects from hospitality, commercial to turnkey which gave her the opportunity to work with the leading teams in the industry. Her method of design to always observe the beauty and possibility of every project before moving on to visualize production process enables her to explore creativity without boundary.

With over 10 years of experience in interior design, her proven expertise can ensure the feasibility of projects throughout the process from design, construction to finishing. Her ability to collaborate and problem-solving equips the creativity of every sketch with the possibility to bring every project to life.

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