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Hospitality Project, Chiangmai


The main brief is to transform a century old building into a boutique hotel. To reflect the character of the owner who is a serious art collector, we infused the art gallery space into the hotel under the concept Maison D’artisan or The Artisan Home in English. 
Since this Maison D’artisan will be displaying the collected art pieces from the owner’s collection, we avoid over-styling the space which could overshadow the art pieces. Instead, we balanced between the design and the art pieces in order to create the perfect harmony of space that resonates the hotel character. 

While this space is also used as art gallery, its key purpose is hospitalizing, so we penetrate the warmth into the space with wooden materials, lighting design, rustic touch of floor hardener and raw metal. With plenty of rooms to store new art pieces on the collection, this place is a new definition of ‘Art Hotel’ that integrates its functions into its character under the right proportion.

Lobby & Hallway



Guestroom A

Guestroom B

Guestroom C

Guestroom D

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