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Condominium Project, Pattaya


Wanting to compliment the name of this project, our intention to design this place was to make it a once-in-a -lifetime experience for every customer. To create such experience like that, no inspiration could be more authentic than the location itself. Knowing the charm of Pattaya is in its contrast, we combined two sides of Pattaya, the exquisite nature and the exotic nightlife, into the concept of this project. 

2 Bedroom Show Unit

The Night Life Impression


Splashed with a touch of Pattaya’s exotic nightlife, this 58.5 sqm space is party-ready for those who wish to use this room as a hangout space after the party. By blending the resort look with extravagance rose-gold metallic tone and reflective materials, we designed this space to add luxury taste to the after party with eclectic luxe style. Aimed to attract those with entertainment lifestyle like DJ, Blogger, Models or event gurus, this room was designed as a place to carry on the fun in a more relaxed manner.

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