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Condominium Project, Pattaya


Wanting to compliment the name of this project, our intention to design this place was to make it a once-in-a -lifetime experience for every customer. To create such experience like that, no inspiration could be more authentic than the location itself. Knowing the charm of Pattaya is in its contrast, we combined two sides of Pattaya, the exquisite nature and the exotic nightlife, into the concept of this project. 

1 Bedroom Show Unit

The Natural Impression

This resort-inspired honeymoon suite look was designed to look larger than its actual 35 sqm area with smart space allocation. The sliding door in the middle create the flexible function of the room that’s perfect for a couple or small family. Crafted to bring out the natural mood of Pattaya with the luxury beach resort look, the space is covered in Burgundy as main color with the decoration of marble texture and classic sculptures.

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