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Condominium Project, Ho Chi Minh City



Under the ambition to make De La SOL a renowned destination that attracts modern trendsetters, we were inspired to create the experience of this project under the conceptual theme that invites guests into the dwelling adventure of music.

Show Unit

The Artistic Ensemble


Since the property goal is to attract modern trendsetters, this show unit was designed conceptually as an artistic home for a modern creative couple –advertising creative husband and fashion designer wife. With the space of 80 sqm. this property is divided into 2 functional spaces, the living area and the guest area. Both areas are connected with the foyer at the entrance.

For the living area, besides the basic space such as living room and master bedroom, we turn the extra bedroom into a fashion design studio. The style of the design is kept luxury loft as De La SOL overall theme. However, we infused the eclectic touch into the details in order to reflect the uniqueness from the owners’ artistic character.

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